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Office Leave Letter


Michael Howard,

New Jersey 07449


Craig Richardson,

Washington Cloth Traders,

New Jersey 06549

Dear Sir,

It is a happy time for me to inform you that I am going to be father soon.  As my wife is going to be admitted to Saint Howard Hospital on April 2, 2011, I would request you to provide me office leave for at least 1 week starting from March 30, 2011.  As other untouched work needs to be completed by me, I will definitely be prepared to have those finished within timeframe before my leave starts.  I make sure that there is no difficulty on your side while I handover any particular work assignment back to my colleague in a particular situation.

This is a high time for my wife which requires my care and togetherness during these times.  I would be waiting for your formal approval so that I can take necessary steps to execute my duties towards the office as well as to my family needs.

Yours Truly,

Michael Howard

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