Congratulations Letters

Scholarship Congratulations letter

Prof. Albert Kealey

Birmingham College

Birmingham, B18 2TT

January 27, 2010

Mr. Anthony Upton

Birmingham, West Midlands

B41 1QU

Dear Mr. Upton,

I found out from a colleague that you are among those chosen to receive the University Scholarship this year.  Congratulations!

You have been my student and I know that you are truly deserving of a scholarship.  You are one of the most outstanding students that I have had and I am so happy that you are being given a chance to pursue higher studies despite your financial constraint.  I know that you will do well in the university and that you will make the university proud of choosing you as a scholar.  Continue studying hard.  Aim high always and I assure you that you will achieve more.

Should you need my assistance in any way, just drop by my office and I will help you in any way I can.  Again, congratulations!


Albert Kealey

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