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Achievement Congratulations Letter

Freida Thorne

22 Dinsdale Drive, Durham

Co Durham, DH1 8TS

July 19, 2010

Frederick Thorne

Abbey Wood, London


My dear son,

I was so thrilled at receiving news that you will be graduating with honors this Academic Year.  Congratulations, son!  Your sisters also want to say that they are so delighted at your achievement.  We are so proud of you!

It seems like only yesterday when you were still a young boy, merely playing games in the playground.  How you hated studying at the time!  Your father and I are so glad that you have grown up to be a responsible man and that you have taken your studies very seriously.  I am sure that a good future lies ahead of you. You will go a long way with your industry and dedication to the field you have chosen.  Remember to always follow your heart and believe that you can make your dreams come true.

We will be visiting you soon as you prepare for graduation day.  Take care of yourself always.



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