Acceptance Letters

Scholarship Acceptance Letter

September 1, 2010

Emma Beckett

Roll Number 348 – A

Department of Science

University of Aston

Birmingham, B16 2LF

Dear Ms. Beckett,

This letter is to notify you of your acceptance to the Oxford Annaul scholarship program 2010-2011 which you have applied for last year.  We have attached a list of additional requirements that you must submit not later than one week after receipt of this letter.  Failure to submit the documents will nullify your candidature.

As stated in our application form, you will be availing of the scholarship as long as you are meeting the required grade percentage in each semester.  The scholarship will be discontinued if you fail to meet the grade requirement.

Should you decide not to enter the scholarship program, please inform us immediately so your slot can be given to other qualified students.  If you are interested in the scholarship, process your papers promptly.

For any inquiries, please contact the academic department concerned.

Wishing you all the best in your studies!

Truly yours,

Daniel Wales

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