Acceptance Letters

Contract Acceptance Letter

February 1, 2010

Andre Beckett

Vice President- Sales & Marketing

Beckett Company

London, SW3W 8JA

Dear Mr. Beckett,

Good day!

In behalf of Emily Clothing Co., I am pleased to inform you the company’s acceptance of your contract for the provision of 1,000 tons of men’s and ladies’ wear under the brand name Sarah’s.  Attached herewith is a catalogue of our products and their respective brochures for your reference.

Based on our earlier talks, we will await the necessary legal documents of your company.  These legal formalities must be completed before we can decide the internal terms and conditions.  Let us have a meeting of the departments concerned on February 25 at our main office to further discuss the details of the contract.

Please forward legal documents to our Legal Department at least one month before the scheduled meeting.  For inquiries, you may contact us at (020) 7823 4441.

Thank you.  We look forward to a fruitful business relationship with you.


Emma Wales

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