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Sample Sales Letter

March 16, 2010

Name, General Manager,


123 street,

Anytown WA

Dear Name,

Are you tired of searching for a miracle that would veer the face of your company? Shed your fatigue. With us, you can watch the miracle happen. Your company is your brand and we help you establish your brand in the market. We not only build a brand, we create it as well. Right target audience, right timing, competitive pricing, humongous savings.

We are a team of expert marketing specialists with over a decade experience in brand management at all levels. We do it online and offline for you. Our services have an edge over the competitors and are cost-effective at the same time. If you dream to make it big for your brand, we give your dream that extra zing. To know more about our services visit

Yours sincerely

Aryan Singh


Marketing head

Xyz Association Pvt. Ltd.

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