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Sales Letter Example

Kushal Shah

Associate Production Manager,

Shah and Shah Corps,

31B, Wally Street,

Princeton- 12245,


Respected Sir,

We at XYZ Solutions Ltd offer web based business development as well as marketing services. Why would you go to different service providers for building your website, when you can get the whole package under one name?

We comprise of a team of highly skilled and high-spirited individuals, who have a penchant for the work we do, and have worked for many eminent client all around the globe. Kindly visit our website for a complete track record of our previous assignments.

As we are a start up, we are trying to spread out customer base as much as we can, and in an endeavor to do so we would like to offer you, a special discount of 30 % on our current market rates, for any service that you may require of us.

We hope you will render us a positive reply, so that we can ensure on relation from we can mutually benefit.

With regards,

Aryan Singh,

Creative Head

XYZ Solutions Ltd

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