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Business sales letter

Mr. John Wright

VP, Sales

Tasty International

27, Hanging Street


15th June, 2008

Dear Mr. John,

The Delicious Delicacy is a bakery company in London with large number of outlets located in other nearby cities and towns like Liverpool, Sussex, Kent, Cambridge and Coventry. All our bakery outlets are very popular not only amongst the young but people of all ages and groups. The ambience of our outlets are very pleasing and welcoming which along with mouth watering bakery items make the overall experience unforgettable.

We wish to expand out business network in other parts of the globe as well like in Australia and Asia. Since we will need more capital to expand our business thus we are planning to sell some of our popular outlets to all those investors who are interested. If you are interested in this offer we would welcome you to become a shareholder in Delicious Delicacy which will surely give you an opportunity to be a part of the company with great potential for growth.

To gather more information on our contract details and outlets which are available for sale you can visit the website Looking forward to hear from you.

Yours truly

Michael Douglas


Delicious Delicacy.

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