Proposal Letter

Sample Proposal Letter


Orion Smith,

Business Development Department,

World-One Realities Ltd.,

New York 577882


Harry Louis,

Directors Department,

World-One Realities Ltd.,

New York 577882

Dear Sir,

I consider this time as the right one to have a proposal ready and to be presented to you on our new business strategy.  Since top management and I have noticed that there has been major boost in real estate prices in the region of New Jersey, I would like to have one of our new projects coming up in New Jersey itself.  The location has witnessed good amount of inquires as well as spurt in sales figure since past 9 months now.  I, therefore, think that we need to have immediate implementation towards this direction.  I have got all the necessary information as well as documents ready for you to go through and come to a final conclusion wherein our company will benefit with handsome results.

I will surely bring more information to you if there is any such need before our tentative meeting on this.  I hope to get in touch with you on this proposal as soon as you take further steps to execute it.

Yours Sincerely,

Orion Smith

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