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Job Promotion Announcement Letter


Carey Williams,

Wisconsin 54778


Mark Richardson,

Wisconsin 54992

Dear Mr. Mark,

This letter authorizes you to make an official announcement of job promotion of Mr. Johnny Lake in our office.  I have collectively noticed with other top management members that he has been top performer since his induction into our company.  From the very beginning, he has shown very good sign of dedication, trust, delivery, etc.  With his promotion, he is going to get high salary at par with those who are enjoying at this moment.  I see no difference in your opinion too considering that you also recommended him for a promotion a couple of days ago.

I want you to bring this announcement of job promotion displayed on our official notice board.  If you find anything short in information which you want to clarify, you need to do it with me or top management.  I hereby wish him a new role dedicated to his achievement and, hope, he will bring in new standards in our organization which everyone needs to follow.

Yours Sincerely,

Carey Williams

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