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Sample Legal Letter


Bernard Weiner,

Swift Tires Pvt. Ltd. (An Arnold Group Co.)

New Jersey 06670


Ronald Regan,

Arnold Group Companies,

New Jersey 05590

Dear Mr. Ronald,

I am, Bernard Weiner, authorizing your company to use our legal trademark for any promotion/special package giveaway on your end.  For this, our company has made certain amendments during special board meeting in conjunction with the sections of the Company’s Trademark Act 2003.  There will be no penalty of any kind if there is usage of our trademark for the above-said activity.

I would advise your company to take outmost care for using trademark in such a competitive market wherein your company has a stronghold.  If there is any breach of usage of trademark by any of your competitors, our company will proceed against that company with your formal complaint being made necessarily in that matter at local County Court Of Trademark.

There is only annual fee involved to be made by your company for the usage of trademark.  There is no mention of other charges other than that.  Kindly, let me know your understanding of this at earliest.

Yours Truly,

Bernard Weiner

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