Legal Letters

Legal Cover Letter


Johnny Walker,

Airbrakes Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,

304 Motor Boulevard,

Wisconsin 57780


Megan Hench,

Velma Scooters Ltd.,

Wisconsin 54454

Dear Mr. Megan,

It is to inform you that our company has given you our latest technology for commercial use/purpose.  This technology has legal cover wherein any other use is not permissible except and only use for your scooter brand which is Prix 400S.  I would like to bring to your notice that if there is any usage of such technology for any other brand will bring in legal charges and will face case of breach of agreement which our companies have entered at the end of last year i.e. December 2009.

It is to further inform your company that there cannot be transfer of our technology from your side to any of your clients or subsidiary for commercial or individual exploitation.

I would assume that you have gone through our agreement signed last year and will definitely abide by those terms and conditions mention in that agreement.  I would welcome your queries regarding unclear understanding in this matter.

Yours Truly,

Johnny Walker

(Managing Director)

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