Certification Letters

Sample Certification Letter


Mr. Patrick Brown

#91, Wakefield Blvd

Dallas, Texas

To whom it may concern:

Subject: Certification Letter

Dear Mr. Brown

The purpose of this letter is to certify that Mr. Patrick Brown has been working with our organization for past 5 years and he is one of the most respected employees in our organization. He joined us in December 2006 as hardware lab attendant. But after working very hard for 6 months, he made himself capable of taking A+ classes on his own. Then he was promoted to A+ trainer in July’ 2007.

He continuously put his hard efforts and he studied & cleared CCNA certification exam. Our company promoted him as CCNA faculty in December 2008. Now he was taking care of whole networking unit, as Head of the department of entire networking section.

All the best for your future and we had a wonderful experience here working with you.


Mr. Tom Anderson

Director, Innovative Career Technologies.

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