Certification Letters

Certification Letter


Mrs. Janice Colburn

#432, Hilltop Blvd

Dallas, Texas

To whom it may concern:

Subject: Certification Letter

Dear Mrs. Colburn

This letter is to certify that Mrs. Janice Colburn is currently employed in Mark & Ray technologies as Subject Matter Expert in Java (Core & Advanced). She has been working with us since February’2008. She joined us in Feb’ 2008 as SME trainee for software projects. But giving good performance in a couple of projects, she was promoted from trainee to Executive level in Jan’ 2009. Currently she is a team leader and a senior SME in Java.

This letter certifies that for past approx. four years she has been associated with our organization and have always worked towards the growth & expansion of the organization.

This letter has been issued to serve any legal purposes or to certify her job experience on her request.


Mr. Henry P Clooney

Director, Mark & Ray Technologies

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