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Sample Business Proposal Letter

Dear Mr. Crank:

In a business firm, there are many things that you need to take care off. There are different departments and concerns that need to be looked into. The one thing that you might be concerned about is how you could cut down on your printing costs. You have a target set to get down the costs by say 30% every month. Then we at our end will help you achieve that target.

At our end, we check into every aspect related to your goal. The review is done to get a clear cut picture of the market statistics. This way the exact position of the system is brought on surface. The plan is sketched down based on the review. The in depth report will have plans that will help you get all the benefits.

We guarantee you with best services and also good results. We have enclosed the review of our work so far. Please give some time to look into it.


Mathews Kerry

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