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Sample Business Thank you Letter

21st April, 2010

Mr. Christopher Mathews
President and CEO
Lever Dynamics Ltd.
56 Brigade, Suite 4658
New York, NY 15638

Dear Mr. Christopher:

I, the chairperson of the “helping hand” in New York personally want to thank you for the support you have lent to our organisation. In today’s world, it is very difficult to find such generous donors like you.

Lever Dynamics has been playing an influential part throughout the campaign. The support and assistance in more than one criterion was so applaud able that we are running short of words. The target that we had set has been achieved. In fact we have benefitted more than desired.

We are glad that companies like yours realises the importance of social communities and related needs.

I look forward to seeing you at the G.L.A.D. special thank you reception next week. It would be an honour.

Yours sincerely,

Juan Moore
Fundraising Chair

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