Appreciation Letters

Sample Appreciation Letter


Robert Morgan,

D-13, Galaxy apartments,



Turner and family,

D-14, Galaxy apartments,


Dear Turners,

This looks really bizarre to make a communication in face of this letter with neighbours. However, the occasion makes this letter imminent. This letter marks the end of a very comfortable and desirable first year in this apartment. And, we have been proud as well as blessed to have a neighbour like you all. The moment when we moved into this place, it was very awkward for us to adjust in this new ambience. Should your neighbourhood been absent, then the awkward situation would never have been overcome.

In all the times, whether being the festive times or during the testing times, you have always backed us on all our decision. You made us acknowledge the fact that, neighbours are the first to come to help in any situation and all the relatives, friends come later. I would like to exploit this opportunity to appreciate your presence all with us. Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Robert Morgan.

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