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Salary Request Letter


Mr. Andrew Atkinson,

Executive Director

Rainbow Sales Companies Pvt. Ltd

453, IT Park,

Down Lake Street, Near Baker Park

London, United Kingdom

Date: 1st Mat, 2012

Subject: Letter of Salary Request

Dear Mr. Atkinson,

This is to inform you that I have not received my salary from the past three months. I have already submitted my salary request letter to Mr. Peter McGraw- Manager- Accounts of Rainbow Sales Companies Pvt. Ltd. After a few days of follow up, the Manager Accounts has updated me with a few reasons responsible for my unpaid salary. It will interest you that the accounts department has put my three months of salary on hold despite the fact that I have attended the office regularly without taking a day out from the last three months.

I had earlier submitted a complaint letter consisting of my unpaid salary complaint to the finance department. It is my avid hope that you will look into the matter and instruct the accounts department to release my three months of unpaid salary.

Thank you so much for considering my request!

Yours Sincerely,

Anna Morrison

Manager- Marketing

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