Retirement Letters

Retirement Party Letter


Mr. French Perry

Head HR Department

Grimsby software Ltd

C-14, Fourth floor

Grimsby, South Humberside

4 January 2011

Subject: Retirement Party Letter

Dear Mr. Perry

I hereby invite all my team and rest of the staff on my retirement party which will be held on 14th January 2011. It was a great experience working with all my team members. You all supported and guided me all through this journey. In my tenure with the organization the management was very supportive and they gave me multiple opportunities to grow and perform better.

This party will be conducted during the lunch time in the office party hall. I would be glad to see all of you attending the party to say me a final good bye. I would request you all to stay in touch. Kindly let me know if I can help the team or any one from the team in any of their endeavours.

Thanking you

Flynn Parker

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