Resignation Letters

Email Resignation Letter


Ms. Linda Dalton

Head HR Department

Radford software Ltd

C-14, Fourth floor

Redford, Nottinghamshire

18 January 2011

Subject: Email Resignation Letter

Dear Ms. Dalton

I request you to accept this letter as my resignation from the position of marketing executive from Radford software Ltd as I am joining another organization as a marketing manager. It was a very difficult decision for me, which I have taken for the sake of my future objective. I sincerely appreciate the opportunities and support I gained from Radford software Ltd

It was a wonderful experience which has added a lot of value to my experience and skills.

Please do let me know the formalities I need to complete before leaving this organization. I am trying to finish my current assignment at the earliest to make this transition smooth for everyone. I am also sending my resignation to the concerned HR department through email at

Thanking you for all your support and supervision.

Perry Joseph

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