Application Letters

Research Application Letter


Mr. Phillip Carter

Tropical Laboratories

Oxford Street,


12 September 2011

Subject: – Application to conduct a research

Dear Sir,

My name is Paul Anderson and I am writing this letter to seek permission to conduct a research on the most dreadful concern i.e., Global Warming.

I am a final year student, pursuing Bachelors of Science, with specialization in Bio-Science, from Harvard University. This research is a part of my field project in the curriculum. I am leading a team of three other students, who will be assisting me in conducting this survey.

Our major concern is- how to find various ways and methods to stop global warming and protecting the ozone layer. We would be doing research and also make people aware of the consequences that Global warming can lead to. We will also develop the statistical data in regards to increase in harmful gases, effect of global warming on population, number of trees plantation within in a particular area, etc. This data will be also helpful for the health department to take immediate actions.

I would be very thankful if we are given this opportunity to help the society. I will be looking forward to seek you your positive response.

Yours Sincerely


Paul Anderson

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