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Johan Smith,


Atria Prime Time Mall,


New Jersey.


Mrs. Malfoy,

Block 401,

Galaxy appt,


New Jersey.

Dear Mrs. Malfoy,

I, Johan Smith, the manager of the Atria Prime Time Mall, am writing this letter in response to the complaint which you registered with the mall on 13 March. This is to make you known that the complaint has not fallen on deaf ears. The complaint is very much welcomed and it was very pleasant of the managing committee that the patrons like you feel free to talk. I would make sure that the thing which has resulted in all this would never be repeated not only with you, but also never with anyone else.

The Atria Prime Time Mall regrets the incident which caused so much loss of time. As an apology from the Atria Prime Time Mall, this letter is enclosed with a cheque of 50$, the cheque number being 482448. Hoping that you continue relationship which has flourished with you as a patron for us, despite the regretful event,

Yours faithfully,

Johan Smith.

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