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Police Complaint Letter


Jane Willis,

H/8, Jackson Heights,



Police Department,


Dear Sir,

I, Jane Willis, am writing this letter in sheer desperation. I have my residency in Jackson Heights apartment. This apartment is in the neighborhood of the Royal College. The goons from this college have become a nuisance for every passing girl. The incidents of eve teasing have been apparent for more than a week.

Besides this, the shops adjacent to the college are also fed up of the menace which the hoodlums from this college are causing. This letter is drafted as a written complaint against these college students. The negligence which the misbehavior from these people received initially has encouraged them to reach this level. I, Jane Willis, hereby, put this plea in front of the entire police department via this letter, to get rid of this behavior as soon as possible. We have full faith in the judiciary and the execution of the law from the police department.

Yours truly,

Jane Willis.

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