Cancellation Letters

Rental Contract Cancellation Letter


Mark Jacob

CEO, PQR Limited

65, Park Hills,


10th August 2012

Subject: Rental contract cancellation

Dear Jacob,

I am writing this letter on behalf of my organisation ABC Limited to bring to your notice that we wish to cancel the rental contract number Q/787/787 that we entered with your organisation PQR Limited on 1st of August, 2011.

As per the contract, the property of ABC limited located at 67, Avenue Park with area of 2000 sq yards was given on rent to PQR Limited for a period of 2 years for carrying out commercial activities. As per the contract, your company was supposed to pay a monthly rent of $1000 by first week of every month.

For the first few months, the payment by your company was regular and on time, but after that the payments became late. Now when we checked our company records, we have found that your company has not paid rent for the last 3 months in spite of several reminders being sent to you.

Thus due to non payment of the rent, we wish to cancel the rental agreement. We are giving you a notice period of 15 days starting from 15th of August to vacate the property. Thus you ate kindly requested to vacate the property by 31st of August, 2012 and pay your pending rent with late fees of 10%  else we will be forced to take a legal action against you.

Please find a copy of the rental agreement enclosed with this letter.


Matthew Gomes,

ABC Limited.

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