Birthday Letters

Birthday Letters

Birthday letters are tokens of affection which one sends to a loved one on the latter’s birthday. They should be warm and affectionate so that the recipient feels the sincerity of the birthday wish. Birthday letters must be suited to the tone and mood of the occasion.

  • In case of business associates, a birthday letter must be sincere and genuine. However, they should maintain a distance as the correspondence even in this case is to a professional acquaintance.
  • For birthday letters sent to near and dear ones, the tone of the letter can be more intimate and warm. For birthday letters sent to close associates, the depth of feeling and emotion must be given primary importance.
  • Short messages and quotes can also be made a part of birthday letters in case of letters to personal friends and relatives. They enhance the quality of the birthday letter while showing a genuine attempt to create something unique.

Efforts should be made to keep the birthday letter short and concise. Flowery language and overabundance of figures of speech can ruin the effect which short and precise birthday letters can achieve. Thus, a simple, unadorned and concise birthday letter is the best bet.

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