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Relationship Break Up Letter


Nick Carter,

East Side Apartment

67 Yankee Doodle Lane

New York, New jersey 7689

Dated: 12th of June 2011

Dear Nick,

It is high time and now I need to put an end to our relationship. I have reasons to justify why I want to end this relationship.

It was an amazing moment for me when I had entered into this relationship two years back. You were a different person at that time. You used to love me a lot. But, the Nick that I know today is a different individual altogether. I am aware that you have been flirting with other girls behind my back. That may be the reason why you hardly spend any time with me. Whenever I want to go out with you, you give the excuse of office work.

I have been really hurt by your behavior. I can’t continue the relationship like this anymore and want to end it.




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