Breakup Letters

Emotional Break Up Letter


Tom Hanks,

West Side Apartment

A wing, flat no. 301, 3rd floor

34 Rocky Mountain Road,

Holly Wood, Los Angeles 4890

Dated: 12th of December 2011

Dear Tom,

I wanted to tell to this since a long time, but my love for you has stopped me from saying this. I have no choice but to tell you that it’s better if we have separate ways.

There is something that I have been hiding from you since last three months. I have been detected with terminal illness and the doctors have said that there is no cure for it. I don’t want you feel the pain that I am going through. I want you to lead a better life.

I know you love me a lot but I want a normal life for you. I would request you start looking for someone else and try to forget me. I hope you understand.

Yours Loving,

Whitney Houston

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