Breakup Letters

Break Up Letter To Him


Brad Pitt

High Rise towers

Flat no.201, 2nd floor

31 Aspen High Road,

West Land, Los Angeles 3456

Dated: 13th of February 2012

Dear Brad,

I am writing this letter to tell you that I want to put an end to this relationship and want to have breakup with you.

I understand that you had lots of expectations from this relationship and wanted to marry me and settle down one day. But, you have to understand that we have to be compatible to spend rest of our life together. I believe that you fail to understand me as a person. Only caring for each other is not enough but both the individuals in a relationship need to understand each other which is not happening in our relationship.

I hope you feel that whatever I have said above is justified and hold no grudges against me. Wishing you a happy life ahead.


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