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Rejection Letter for the Job Applied


Joe Ray,

C-31, James Tower,

Auckland, New Zealand.

15th January 2012

Subject: Rejection letter for the applied post of Sr. Software Developer.

Dear Mr. Joe,

I am writing this letter in reference to the interview conducted on Sunday morning for the post of Sr. Software Developer. I am very sorry to inform that you are not selected by our team for the applied post. We are looking for the candidate who is sharp at programming and whose basic fundamentals are clear.

In spite of having enough experience needed for this post, you are lacking in some programming fundamental concepts. Your technical round was not clear and so we cannot hire you for the applied post. Your HR round was good but you seem to be lacking in programming fundamentals.

I would recommend you to make your basic coding concepts very strong so that you can further apply, and this will also benefit you in future and for making great career as a software developer.

Yours sincerely,

Billy Samuel,

HR head,

InfoStretch Pvt. Ltd.


Auckland, New Zealand.


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