Introduction Letters

Introduction Letters

Today networking is the key to success, be it in business or personal lives.  Introduction letters are a good way of broadening your networking circle.  Introduction letters can be used to introduce yourself, your company or your business. They can also be used to introduce somebody you know to a third party.

Introduction letters can be classified as business to customer, business to business and personal introduction letters.

As introduction letters are the first impression the reader gets about the concerned party, it is important to make that a good one.  It is better to address these letters to a specific person, as this ensures that the letter would get the desired attention.

As time is of essence for most people, keep the letters short and simple.   It is good to mention the purpose of your writing in the first paragraph itself.

The letter must include contact information and should contain all the details that the reader would like to know about you or your company/business or concerned party.

It is mandatory to thank the reader and sign off in a polite way.+

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