Authorization Letters

Real Estate Authorization Letter


Tom Moody

Purchase Manager

Green Property Buyers

56 Tango Charlie Road

Sin City, Las Vegas 9876

Dated: 12th of May 2012

Subject: Authorization to sell real estate

Respected Mr. Moody,

This letter is in regards to the real estate owned by me located at Sun Shine Apartments, 89 School Side Road, Sin City, Las Vegas 9865. This is to bring to your notice I, Jeremy Renner  residing at 21 Mull Hand Drive Sin City, Las Vegas 9843 authorize Roger Moore to sell the property on my behalf.

The property is a two thousand square feet apartment located on the fifth floor of the building. Your organization had a discussion with me over phone last week regarding purchasing the property. As I am not available on the day the deal will take place as I have given the authorization to Roger Moore  to sell it on my behalf. He has all the legal papers of the property and will present it on the day of the transaction.  He would also be carrying the required id proofs and other documents. I would request you to hand over the selling price of $300000 to him.

Please consider this as a real estate authorization letter. For any further clarification you can call me on my mobile number 988-78979-797


Jeremy Renner

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