Authorization Letters

General Authorization Letter


Tammy Morsel

Branch Manager

JP Morgan Bank

34 Universal High Street

Holly Wood, Los Angeles 4590

Dated: 21st of June 2012

Subject: Authorization for collecting bank documents

Respected Mr. Morsel,

This letter is in regards to the new check book and ATM card of mine that I, Oscar Gomes with bank account number 7987769767 was supposed to collect from my bank. This is to bring to your notice that I am unable to come to collect these documents due to some urgent official work and so I am writing this letter to authorize my wife, Linda Gomes to collect these on my behalf.

I had ordered for a new check book as the leaves of my check books has expired. Even the expiry date of my ATM has expired so the bank has issued a new ATM card. I usually prefer to collect these from the branch directly rather than asking the bank to mail it my correspondence address. But as I have to travel out of station tomorrow I won’t be able to come to collect it personally. My wife will do the needful and I authorize her to collect all the documents on my behalf. She will carry all the necessary id proofs and other needed documents.


Oscar Gomes

Bank Account Number- 7987769767

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