Promotion Letters

Promotion Rejection Letter


Mr. Steven Johns

Head HR Department

Newark software Ltd

C-17, Fourth floor

Newark, Nottinghamshire

18 July 2011

Subject: promotion rejection letter

Dear Mr. Johns,

We are happy that you came forward and requested for your promotion. The management is quite happy with your excellent performance and dedication towards your work. We are well aware that in last 4 years you have given your best to your job. Your hard work and smart functioning has also fetched you many awards and honour from the organization.

But unfortunately at this moment we have to reject your promotion request. We know that you are the most deserving person and you ought to have a promotion to get motivated and perform even better. But as of now the management feels that we already have that senior position filled and we cannot afford two employees for the said position. We assure you that we will review your promotion at the earliest possible time. But as of now please accept the rejection letter for your promotion.

Thanking you

Sarah Paul

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