Promotion Letters

Promotion Offer Letter


Mr. John K. Roberts

Senior Executive, IT department

Cheshire Software Ltd

C-7, Fifth floor

Congleton, Cheshire,

18 September 2012

Subject: promotion offer letter

Dear Mr. Roberts

We congratulate you for doing excellent job for our company in last four years. You have been a hard working and dedicated employee of our organization who has added a lot of value to the company. You have delivered some of the greatest work in last couple of years. Your efforts are also being recognized by our team and the management has decided to promote you as a manager.

This is an offer letter for the promotion to the manager level. We believe that your knowledge and leadership skills will help the entire team to work together and grow as a team.  We wish that you will accept this offer and continue giving finest of your services to our organization.

Thanking you

Roberts Paul

Head HR Department

Cheshire Software Ltd

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