Promotion Letters

Promotion Letter for Manager


16 Arlington Road,
M14 6LZ


Ginger Bread Company

Cricketfield Rd,

Seaford ,

East Sussex ,

BN25 1BU

Congratulations ! You have been promoted to the next level of employment and we feel so proud to write this promotion letter to you.

We are glad that you have excelled in your current job and have proved yourself in your performance and we truly appreciate your hard work and dedication. We also encourage you to keep up the good services and also support you in your promotion.

A copy of your promotion along with pay package details is enclosed herewith for your immediate acceptance. Please sign and return to us as a token of your acceptance and give us your confirmation about taking the incharge of new duties and responsibilities.

We encourage you and support you and would like to advise you to keep up the services and maintain the quality standards in all your performance areas.

Wishing you all the very best and we hope to receive your good services in the near future.



Promotion Letters

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