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Professional letter writing template

Sample Professional letter writing template

Your name

Physical address

City, State, Zip Code

Contact number

Email address


Addresses Name


Company’s address

City, State, Zip Code

Phone Number

Email Address

Dear Mr. or Ms. (Last Name):

Body of Letter

The body of the letter is usually divided into three paragraphs. There are certain points you need to remember before you pen down the professional letter. First, know the fact that the body of letter is considered as the important part of the letter. Make sure that you use the most basic language. By going too fancy, you might just deviate from the topic.

The first paragraph is where you introduce yourself and mention the purpose behind you writing the letter. The second paragraph is where in you elaborate on the purpose. The last paragraph however is where you thank the reader. Use pleasing words and highlight on the purpose.

Thanking yours

Yours sincerely



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