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Professional letter writing is not at all a cumbersome task. Just like any other form of formal letter, this kind of a letter also has some guidelines that need to be followed. The following lines will help you get a picture as to what format to be followed while writing a professional letter.

First thing that is written in a professional letter is the ‘From’ address and it is followed by the ‘To’ address. The next thing that counts is the way you refer to them. If you refer by saying ‘hey there’, the reader might not take it in a good way. On the other hand, if you begin your letter by saying ‘Dear Mr. or Ms. XYZ’, the reader feels that he or she is well appreciated. This is important because, the reader can only give a 100% to your letter when he or she is happy with the gesture. In almost all business letters, the reader is referred in the most formal and respectful manner.

Keeping these points in mind, you can go by filling up the body of letter divided in three paragraphs. Conclude the letter by thanking the reader; make sure you use pleasing words.

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