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Professional cover letter format

Sample Professional cover letter format

When you are planning to write a professional cover letter, you need to make sure that you follow the guidelines. It is always advised to follow the right format because the professional letter comes under the category of the formal letter. Unlike informal letter, anything and everything cannot be stuffed in the professional cover letter.

Make sure you start with your details on the left hand side. Like for instance:

Your name

Address; in the format city, state and ZIP code


After this, the follow up is the recipient’s address in the above-mentioned format only. The one thing that you should keep a special eye on while writing a professional letter is the salutation. The way you address the recipient and the way you put forth your point is very important. The body of the letter is divided into paragraphs, the minimum is three, but it could be pulled up to four as well. Make sure the language that is being used in the paragraphs is simple and in terms of content, make sure it sticks to the purpose of the letter.

The conclusion should be done in the right manner. Like for instance

Yours sincerely


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