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Katherine Jones

7896, 6th Avenue Street

Kansas, MU 53624

27 April 2010

The Manager

XYZ Pvt. Ltd

27 Kings Street

Boston, MA 20365
Dear Manager:

My name is Katherine Jones. I had picked up a game console from your company two weeks back. I had seen your advertisement on the television and based on that I had placed an order.

After placing the order, I was told I would get the product in a week’s time. The product came in late, it took about two weeks or more and to top it all, the product is damaged. The wire socket is broken.

I need to know what has to be done next. I am not sure, whether the damage was while it was being shipped or if there is any other problem. If the damage cannot be repaired and sorted, would you replace the game console or refund my money. Please reply to me as soon as possible.

Katherine Jones

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