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Professional Congratulations Letter


Mr Arnold Smith

89, Walt Street

Cane Island


20th February 2012

Subject: Congratulations for your selection as a printing staff.

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing this letter with an utmost joy to congratulate you on your selection as one of the staff members of the printing department at our company. Your resume appeared quiet attractive to all the members of the HR team and it is being accepted.

Reviewing your educational qualifications, you do possess the necessary credentials and qualities that are suitable for working as a printing staff member. Your confidence level seen in your interviews greatly showcase that you would serve in your best possible way. I am confident that you would be a positive addition to this company and will contribute remarkably well for the success of printing staff.

Many congratulations to you from the entire team of Human Resource Department. I look forward to meeting you personally, the following week. Good luck for your work!


Jacob Marley

HR Manager

ABC Pvt. Limited.



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