Congratulations Letters

Business Congratulations Letter


Kepler Andrews

B-90, second floor

Markesan tower

New York

19th February 2012

Subject: Congratulations on your new venture – “Cannes Company”.

Dear Mr. Andrews

It was indeed a great surprise but a pleasure to know about the formation of your new company, Cannes Company. I congratulate you on your new venture.

I am pretty sure that your undertaking will come out to be a great success. You have undoubtedly chosen your field of work that is itself rising up now-a-days. With your background relating to export merchandising, your enthusiasm for huge marketing and your expertise, your firm would surely make a good entry in the export industry. Your dream to become your own employer has now come true!

Your dream business is soon to reach high. I am very happy for you. I again congratulate you for your new business enterprise. Wish you lots of success in your work.

Yours truly,

Stewart Yardley

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