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Professional Appeal Letter


Mr Brown,

Head of Finance and Accounts Department,

ICUC Bank,



Staff of Finance and Accounting Department,

ICUC Bank,


Dear staff people,

This letter has come into effect to put forward an appeal to all the staff people of the Finance and Accounting Department of ICUC Bank of Cairo. The bank has started to get revolutionised to step up with the technology of the current generation. This is the reason why the authorities have decided to install new software programs for the working of the Finance and Accounting Department.

These new software programs shall help to reduce the work load of the working staff. Hence, the staff people have to be accustomed to this software to exploit it thoroughly. For this reason, bank authorities have organised a week long workshop. I appeal to all the working staff to attend this workshop and make full use of it. This shall help you to cope up with new technology without any loss of time. I am hopeful that you shall take utmost advantage of this workshop.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Brown

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