Congratulations Letters

Post Graduation Congratulations Letter


Ms. Patricia Anderson

Human Resources Director

Global Media Quest

9320 Six Mile Cypress Parkway

Fort Meyers, FL 33901

Mr. Kevin Taylor

Tiffany Apartments

4190 Cleveland Avenue

Fort Meyers, FL 33901

Dear Mr. Taylor,

On behalf of the management team and staff of Global Media Quest, I would like to extend our sincerest congratulations to you for successfully completing your post graduate course in Business Economics from the University of Florida Graduate School.

It came as no surprise for us for you to achieve this great milestone in your life for you have shown tremendous effort in succeeding in any endeavor. You have shown exemplary performance as Research Analyst in this firm and have applied all your further studies in giving market edge for all our products and services.

Let me take this opportunity as well to let you know that a dinner party will be held in your honor on (Specify Date) at 7:00 PM at the penthouse of the company.

Again our congratulations and here’s to a long business partnership with you.


Ms. Patricia Anderson

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