Congratulations Letters

Congratulations Letter to Boss


Mr. Robert Carter

Manager, Products and Services Development

Sterling Corporation

2020 Central Avenue

Colonie, NY 12205

Dear Mr. Carter,

Your promotion as Assistant Vice President for Strategic Planning and Development was a long overdue recognition of your dedication and hard work. Please accept my sincerest congratulations for this momentous event in your career.

I am indeed privileged to be a member of your team which you have guided faithfully in becoming a big contributor in the achievement of goals for the success of Sterling Corporation. You practice what you preach and you were always there to boost our morale when everything seems to be going out of our way. You have steered our team in many difficult situations and have proven time and again that teamwork really pays.

Sterling Corporation is indeed very lucky to have you in their management team – you have the passion and the skill to help the company reach greater achievements. I am wishing you more success in all your future undertakings.


David Walker

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