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Poetic Courtship Letter

July 20, 2010

Dearest Margaret,

Never will I forget, the very first day that we met.  Your eyes so blue, your lips so red; I couldn’t shake them from my head.  Your ringing laughter and your smile, your twinkling eyes they are divine.  Your gentle hands, your dainty feet; everything about you is very neat.

Everything that you say to me, they capture more of my heart, you see.  Your kindness and your caring words, they compare to none in all the world.  I want to be with you everyday, I miss you more and more each day.  And when I’m with you, time is not enough; for me to show you all my love.

So take this letter and listen to my heart, I hope that from now on we will never part.  Hear my heartbeat, hear its rhyme; I ask you – can you forever be mine?

All my love I send to you,


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