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Pharmaceutical Sales Cover Letter

July 28, 2009

John Sullivan

General Manager

Delta Pharmaceuticals

565 Albatross Street

Farmington, New York 11886

(234) 334-6744

Dear Mr. Sullivan:

I have been greatly interested with the strong reputation of Delta Pharmaceuticals as one of the top grosser in the field. When I was informed that you have been looking for professional pharmaceutical sales personnel, I saw it as an opportunity to work with a progressive company that has the great potential of market growth. I believe that I can do well in the job with my outstanding performance as a pharmaceutical sales agent for five years. I also strongly believe that I can further improve my skills and knowledge by working on our organization and at the same time benefit your company and clients as well.

My outstanding performance on my previous company has been outline by the awards I have received in the job. I was able to be included in the top sellers of BioMed Pharmaceuticals and have participated on training programs for efficient marketing techniques.

I would really be grateful if you would consider my application for your available vacancies on the pharmaceutical sales position. Attached with this letter are my resume and the mentioned certificates of awards. Also included in my resume are my contact details. I would gladly appreciate to have a meeting with you to discuss what I can contribute to the success of your organization.

Yours faithfully,

Armand McCulloch

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