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Pharmaceutical Rep Cover Letter

July 27, 2008

Chester Jenkins

General Manager

Prime Point Pharmaceuticals

234 Newark Street

New York, New York 11886

(245) 827-2342

Dear Mr. Jenkins:

I am writing to you as a response to the job offer that your company posted on the online classified ads. With my previous success as a pharmaceuticals representative at Mercury Pharmaceuticals, I believe that my experience in the field would be appropriate for the job. My outstanding background in marketing programs and successful sales would definitely be of great help to your organization.

With my exceptional skills necessary for a professional pharmaceuticals representative, I am seeking for an opportunity to demonstrate my expertise in a progressive company that has high potential for growth and market expansion. My key strengths and accomplishments as a communicator, presenter and project leader honed my flexibility in adjusting to rapidly changing schedules, high-pressure settings and frequently shifting priorities.

To add up to my wide expertise and knowledge as a professional representative at Mercury Pharmaceuticals, my personal commitment to perform my best at work would definitely be a great find for an employee. I hope that you would consider my credentials as seen on the attached resume and some of the certificates of accomplishment related to the field. My contact details are also included in the attachment. I would gladly appreciate a meeting at any time that is convenient to you.

Respectfully yours,

Michael Garrett

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