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Orphanage Fundraising Letter

December 2, 2010

Anthony Walker

Savage Gardens

East Ham,

London, E6 5TY

Dear Mr. Walker,

Greetings of peace!

I am writing in behalf of the Little Hands Orphanage, an orphanage that was put up in 1990 by a philanthropic citizen, Mr. Peter Brown.  At present, 100 children aged seven to twelve years old.  We provide food and shelter to the orphans and also try our best to provide them education.

Unfortunately, since the death of Mr. Brown in 2001, we have been struggling to keep the orphanage in full operation.  Generous benefactors have kept the orphanage running, but as expenses rise, our funds have become insufficient.  We do not want to close down the orphanage and we are raising funds to prevent this.  We need £20,000 additional funds every month.

We know that your group has consistently advocated for children’s rights and we will be most grateful if we can be one of your beneficiaries.

For queries, please contact us at 020 7922 5000.


Mr. Robert Jones


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