Holiday Letters

Holiday Approval Letter

November 30, 2010

Paul Green


Best Supplies Co.

Blackheath Lane

Stafford, ST19 0AD

Dear Mr. Green,

This is with regard to your request for holidays from December 10 to 30, 2010.  We have decided to approve your request as you have not yet availed of any of your holidays for this year.

You are one of our most committed and hard working employees in the company and we greatly value your work here.  You have consistently had a great performance record in the five years that you have been working with us.  The company greatly appreciates your dedication to your work and the company and hope you will be working with us for many more years to come.

Attached is a list of the tasks that should be completed before you leave for the holidays.  We hope you accomplish them on time as you always have.

Enjoy your holidays and have a safe trip.

Yours sincerely,

Tim Roberts

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