Termination Letters

Official Termination Letter

HRD Head and Admin,

Sparrow IT Solutions Inc,

Alaska- 996956


June 03, 2011

Mr. Charles Wilson,

IT Consultant,

Dear Mr. Charles,

Sub- Official Termination of Job

Ref- Letter No.007/ Misconduct/ Dated May 10, 2011

After several warnings given to you for your misconduct in the company premises with your colleagues you did not improve your behavior still. As a result, you have breached many rules and regulation that you committed to follow during your appointment.

Considering such misconduct of the employee company has decided to officially terminate your services as IT consultant from June 10, 2011. We have taken this action as per the rules and regulation of the company and we feel that it is an official action.

Thank You,


Joseph Moore,

HRD Head and Admin

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